Electric heating tube users only need to access the inlet and outlet tubes of the power supply medium


The heat-conducting oil furnace is directly heated by inserting an electric heater into the organic carrier (heat-conducting oil), and the heated heat-conducting oil is transported to the heat-using equipment through the high-temperature oil pump for liquid phase circulation, and then returned to the oil outlet of the heat-using equipment The electric heating oil furnace is heated to form a complete circulating heating system. The electric heating heat conduction oil furnace adopts a digital display temperature controller to control the temperature, and has the functions of over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over-pressure alarm.

Electric heating heat conduction oil furnace is a new type, energy-saving, low pressure (under normal pressure or lower pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy industrial furnace, is a kind of electricity as the heat source, heat transfer oil as the heat carrier, the use of circulating oil pump forced liquid Phase cycle, after transferring the heat energy to the heating equipment, and then returning to the reheated direct-flow industrial furnace, so that the continuous transfer of heat is realized, and the temperature of the heated object is increased to meet the heating process requirements.

3. It is small in size and occupies a small area. It can be installed near the heating equipment. There is no need to set up a boiler room or a special person to operate, which reduces equipment operating costs.

The liquid phase transports heat energy, which can obtain a higher working temperature under a lower operating pressure. The heat carrier is 70 to 80 times lower than the saturated vapor pressure of water, and the general heating operating pressure is ≤0.3MPa.

The heating temperature of the heat conduction oil heating furnace can reach 280℃; the heating temperature is automatically controlled, with high sensitivity and stable heating.

I specialize in R&D and production of heat-conducting oil furnaces, which are equipped with complete operation control and safety monitoring devices, and are easy to operate.

The heat conduction oil furnace equipment is equipped with a new electric heating system to replace coal with electricity, which saves investment. At the same time, heat conduction oil furnace heats up quickly and has high thermal efficiency!

8. Others-heating of metal electroplating tanks, coating condensation, drying, medical industry distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration, etc.

The electric heating heat conduction oil furnace system is composed of an explosion-proof electric heater, an organic heat carrier furnace, a heat exchanger (configurable), a control cabinet, a hot oil pump, an expansion tank, etc. into a skid. The user only needs to connect to the power supply and the medium. Import and export pipelines and some electrical interfaces can be used.