The electric heating tube can reduce the wear of the sealing surface metal


Humidity sensor probe, stainless steel electric heating tube PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid solenoid valve (2) The structural shape and dimensions of the parts are used to prevent boilers, pressure vessels and other equipment or pipelines from being damaged due to overpressure The valve, cast aluminum heater, when the fluid pressure in the protected body reaches a certain value slightly higher than the normal working pressure (that is, the valve opening pressure).

The mechanical performance test should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding ASTM standard. ⑤Microstructure inspection includes segregation, strip (gui) structure, dendritic structure, grain size, small size non-metallic inclusions and other defects. For austenitic materials, It shall also include the determination of ferrite content, and the inspection shall be carried out in accordance with ASTME38l/E45/E112 and other standards.

Generally, the CL≤300 level adopts the mechanical balance structure, and the CL≥600 level adopts the pressure balance structure, which can not only ensure a good seal, but also reduce the wear of the sealing surface metal. On this basis, the cock is sprayed. Therefore, the maintenance workload of regular sealant injection is saved, and the pressure-bearing parts of the valve should be subjected to strength analysis and strength design.

Secondly, in addition, the characteristics of the laser itself are also a major influencing factor of laser cladding technology. The same type of lasers from different manufacturers have different processing capabilities. Therefore, laser cladding technology is used in surface processing engineering. In order to effectively promote the standardized development of the laser industry, the application space needs to be further improved and integrated.

A little carelessness will lead to improper selection, which will not only cause waste of manpower, material and financial resources, but also unsatisfactory use effect, which will bring about several use problems, such as reliability, life span, and operating quality. The shut-off valve is simple in structure. The price is cheap, so it has almost no competitors so far [competitors, can compete with the globe valve is the so-called diaphragm valve.

For plug valves and small-caliber gate valves and globe valves, only flexible graphite braided packing can be used. The pre-compression of the packing during the filling process is also one of the measures to ensure a good seal (especially a long-term good seal). Most of the packing process is limited to compacted packing, so its tightness will deteriorate with the application time.

The operating temperature determines the use temperature range of the valve. The cast aluminum heater determines the constant pressure range of the spring or lever by the calculated constant pressure value of the valve, and then determines the material and structure of the valve according to the medium used, and then calculates according to the valve discharge amount The throat diameter of the outlet valve, the cast aluminum heater contact us. Name: Address: Email: zzgyfmcgp@:: General rules for valve selection 1) Determine the valve according to the calculation [The nominal diameter must be such that the discharge capacity of the valve ≥ the discharge volume of the pressure vessel .

The valve plate slides down, and the gas valve (safetyvalve) is automatically opened and closed according to the working pressure of the pressure system. Generally, it is installed on the equipment or pipeline of the closed system to protect the system. When the pressure in the equipment or pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the gas valve, it will automatically open Relieve pressure to ensure that the medium pressure in the equipment and pipeline is below the set pressure.

Most of them are still in the manual repair stage. It can be said that in the valve repair industry, waste and obtainable benefits are both. In recent years, as each unit has gradually begun independent economic accounting, reducing costs, from managers to the frontline Maintenance workers have gradually realized the importance of maintaining valves, because the savings in this regard are extremely considerable.

In order to improve the performance of parts, in addition to changing the material, more surface strengthening treatment methods are used. This method has a low deposition temperature, a processing temperature of -600°C, a small deformation, and a small impact on the matrix structure and performance of the parts. The PVD method is used to The TiN layer is deposited on the needle valve made of W18Cr4V, and the TiN layer has extremely high hardness (2500-3000HV) and high wear resistance, which improves the corrosion resistance of the valve.