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The electric heater heats the fluid by forced convection. That is, the pump is used to pump the fluid into the heating chamber at the end of the heating product, and after heating, it flows out at the other end of the heater, which is a kind of heating method by the pumping force ring, which is compared with the traditional heating method, and the energy saving is obvious. Scientific, easy to install and use, with obvious economic benefits.



1. Small volume and high power: The inside of the heater mainly uses clustered tubular electric heating elements, and each bundled tubular electric heating element has a maximum power of 1 MW.

2. Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy and high comprehensive thermal efficiency.

3. Wide application range and adaptability: The heater can be used in explosion-proof or general occasions. Its explosion-proof grade can reach Grade B and Grade C, withstand voltage up to 20MPa, and can be vertical or according to user needs. Horizontal installation.

4. High heating temperature: The heater is designed to operate at a maximum temperature of 900 ° C, which is not available in general heat exchangers.

5. Fully automatic control: Through the design of the heating circuit, it is convenient to realize automatic control of parameters such as outlet temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc., and can be networked with the machine to realize man-machine dialogue.

6. Long life and high reliability: The heater is made of special electrothermal material, and the design power load is conservative. The heater adopts multiple protections, which greatly increases the safety and life of the heater.


The main function

The heater system adopts intelligent automatic control, automatic temperature display, constant temperature protection and over temperature alarm. The heating temperature is controlled at ±3 °C to ensure that the device fully meets the user's requirements. And advanced multi-protection and reliable monitoring device.

a, there are regular electrical protection, such as short circuit protection;

b. Monitoring process temperature well with alarm output.

c. The control algorithm adopts the cavity control theory, and the P|D parameter setting can be completed automatically.

d. There is a set of over-temperature alarm system independent of temperature control. When the heater exceeds the set value, it will not automatically reset the electric heater and output a contact signal.

e. Several interlocking interfaces can be provided to interlock with other devices (such as fans) to ensure that a certain amount of medium flows during heating of the heater to ensure the safety of the system.





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