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Electric heating tube

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Air duct type auxiliary heating aluminum is generally used for air duct type central air conditioning units. The use of auxiliary heating aluminum can improve the operating efficiency, make up for the lack of heating, reduce the workload of the main engine and prolong its service life.


Structure and working principle

Since the size of the air duct is generally determined according to the actual environment, the heater has no fixed size, and the power and size can be made according to actual requirements.






Working Principle

When the auxiliary ribs are electrically heated, the temperature of the surface of the electric heating tube will continuously rise. At this time, the air flows through the auxiliary electric heater to lower the temperature of the surface of the electric heating tube, and the temperature of the air is raised, and the heated air is then sent through the air passage. To the client.

There is a temperature measuring tube inside the auxiliary electric heating product, and the temperature measuring tube senses the surrounding temperature in real time. When the temperature exceeds the safe temperature, the temperature measuring tube will generate a switching signal. The electric heating product can generally be installed in front of the fan coil and the evaporator in the air conditioning unit, or can be flange-mounted in the air duct.

Since each user's environment is different, the specific power, size and technical requirements are determined by both parties in the drawing.

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Product Description

The air duct type heating aluminum is mainly used for air heating in the air duct. The specifications are divided into three types: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The common feature in the structure is that the steel plate is used to support the electric heating tube to reduce the vibration of the electric heating tube when the fan is stopped. The junction box is equipped with an over-temperature control device. The low temperature type can be directly installed on the air duct, while the medium temperature type and high temperature type have 100mm insulation materials on the outer wall of the passage to the heating aluminum junction box due to the difference in structure. On the one hand, the external heat dissipation of the entire passage is reduced, on the other hand, It also reduces the temperature inside the wiring chamber.




1 The electric heating tube adopts the outer winding corrugated stainless steel belt, which increases the heat dissipation area and greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency.

2. The heater has reasonable design, small wind resistance, uniform heating, no high and low temperature dead angle.

3. Double protection, good safety performance. A thermostat and a breaker are installed on the heated aluminum, which can be used to control the air temperature of the air duct to be over-temperature and without wind, so as to ensure that nothing is lost.



Heating air for drying, vulcanization, heat treatment, reheating and dehumidification of various materials and other similar applications.





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